February 14, 2022

In this book trailer for the book DESIGN (&) ACTIVISM, three of the co-authors – Alastair Fuad-Luke, Thomas Markussen and Cathy Gale – present their concepts on Design as Activism and Activism as Design.


“DESIGN (&) ACTIVISM is a book about how the worlds of Design and Activism (could) inspire each other. It focuses on theories and practices related to the role of design in terms of addressing, provoking, creating and disrupting political discourse. Starting from traditional forms of protest, visual languages of resistance, speculative aspects of dissent, to new forms of digital participation, this will help us to better understand the rituals, structures and meanings of design activism in history and the present, clarifying that design is intrinsically social and supremely political. And it shall help us to derive arguments and examples for the transformative potential of future design (and) activism.

The volume contains contributions by Alastair Fuad-Luke, Guy Julier, Ann Thorpe, Chantal Mouffe, Gui Bonsiepe, Thomas Markussen, Gavin Grindon, Michael Erlhoff, Anna Feigenbaum, Cathy Gale, Barbara Hoidn, Stephen Duncombe, Steve Lambert, Harald Gruendl, Fernando Luiz Lara, Tom Bieling, Pierre Smolarski, Marcel René Marburger, Maziar Rezai and Mikala Hyldig Dal.


Video / Editing / Conception: Kai Hattermann / filetroyal.com @ 2021


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