Theory of Design

July 30, 2021

29 approaches to the Theory of Design, edited by Tom Bieling.

Authors: Alika Rusakova, Alma Mag, Anastasiia Filippenko, Anna Perathoner, Anna-Katharina Adams, Beatrice Costa, Clarisse Xingyi Lim, Erika Indra, Eve Utkham, Gabriella Olsson, Gal Ambrozic, Israa Abouelkhair, Keesjan Davids, Léa Sadoine, Lion Zeise, Lisa Twamley, Lise Blekastad, Lucinaa Jasso Segovia, Magda Mokrzan, Maria Eduarda Cedeno, Mert Kizilelma, Mina Brattsti Bache-Mathiesen, Nand Sai, Sharan Koppisetti, Özkan Bak, Stéphanie Falcione, Taya Atiia, Temi Kamara, Thi Cuc Phuong Vo, Tom Bieling, Treaza Girgis, Vera Solevska, Weronika Syrkowska, Yannick Schlenzig, Yasin Serkan.
Berlin International, 2021.

Layout: Ada Basar, Erika Indra, Mert Kizilelma
Video: Erika Indra


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